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We have been with Shaklee since February, 1969.

In the beginning, our family was only interested in having more energy, reducing our health challenges and feeling better.

After our fatigue had vanished, our health challenges were a thing of the past, and we all felt better than we thought we ever could, we had to share with everyone we came in contact with our stories of better health.

Because every person we shared with who started the better health program experienced the same positive results we had, our business became a reality and has grown and grown to this day.

And many of these people developed successful Shaklee businesses, as well.

If you have the desire to feel better and help others do the same, you, too, can have better health and a remarkable way of making a living.

Ask for your FREE packet of information. 303-238-6001 or mabijoan@gmail.com

Thank you for your interest.
Lee and Joan